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Allison Forrester: Spending summer months on the coast of North Carolina and on a lake bordering NC and Virginia, Allison roamed the areas and waters often with her father, who admired and appreciated all aspects of nature. It became a sanctuary of gratefulness to our Creator.

Allison is a graduate of Duke University with an AB in elementary education. She holds a Masters degree in Special Education from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and she received a Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard Business School.

As an educator, community leader and mother of three sons, her constant goal is to stimulate one’s imagination and to be a beacon of God’s light. Her desire is to impress upon her children and others the value of His astonishing miracles and Love. Being afforded the fortunate opportunity to spend additional time on the Outer Banks during the COVID pandemic, Allison has chosen to share this sanctuary with her family and first born granddaughter.

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